Scam Alert

Essential Tips to Identify and Avoid Scams

Recognizing common signs of a scam can help you steer clear of fraudulent activities. Scammers typically:

  • Contact you unexpectedly.
  • Pose as representatives of reputable organizations.
  • Pressure you to act immediately.
  • Suggest dubious verification methods like calling or texting numbers they provide or visiting a fake website.
  • Send unsolicited emails, texts, or social media messages impersonating someone else.
  • Trick you into disclosing sensitive information, such as your social security number or financial details.
  • Exploit your emotions.
  • Ask you to keep the transaction confidential.
  • Offer deals that seem too good to be true.

How to Identify Scammers

Be cautious of phone calls, texts, social media messages, and emails impersonating Thrive and its employees. Here are some critical points to remember:

We Don’t Use Telegram for Communication

Maati Tech’s primary communication channels are email ( and phone (+92-304-6446541). We never initiate contact via Telegram or other cross-platform messaging services.

We Don’t Ask for Money from Freelancers or Employees

Thrive will never request money from freelancers, contractors, or permanent employees. Avoid sending money or sharing credit card details with anyone claiming to be from our company. We also do not send requests for transferring money or goods.

No Application Fees for Freelancers

Thrive has a structured process for hiring independent contractors, and we do not charge application fees. Contractors are paid based on the agreed terms in their contracts.

We Don’t Have a Mobile App

Maati Tech operates only through official channels:

We do not have a mobile application and will never ask for personal or sensitive information through unverified links or apps.

We Don’t Involve Cryptocurrency Transactions

Thrive is not linked to any cryptocurrency company and will never ask you to buy cryptocurrency. Any request for cryptocurrency purchases or upfront payments is a scam.

No Banking Information Requests via Email

Thrive values the confidentiality of its clients and employees. We will never ask for or verify banking information over email, chat, text, or phone calls.

Steps to Take If You’re Targeted by Scammers

Your vigilance can help Thrive combat scammers. If you receive suspicious communications from someone claiming to be part of our organization, please report it immediately by emailing or calling +92-304-6446541. We will take necessary actions to protect you, our company, clients, and employees.

Additional Measures to Protect Yourself

  • Stop all contact with the scammer.
  • Secure your financial accounts.
  • Change your passwords.
  • Review your privacy and security settings on all platforms and devices.

Join us in our mission to stop scams by reporting any fraudulent activities to

By following these guidelines, you can protect yourself from scams and contribute to a safer online environment.

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